Deposit Services Team

Rachel Simonsen headshot
Rachel Simonsen
Chief Operations Officer
Corporate Headquarters in Marquette
Phone: (906) 228-8791
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Stacy Bouman headshot
Stacy Bouman
VP, Deposit Services Officer
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Kelly Jandron headshot
Kelly Jandron
VP, Branch Administration Officer
Marquette County
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Krystal Fayas headshot
Krystal Fayas
Branch Administration Manager
Kingsford and Green Bay Offices
Kingsford Office
Phone: (906) 228-8994
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Lisa Hanson headshot
Lisa Hanson
Branch Manager
Marquette McClellan Office
Phone: (906) 228-8806
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Megan Spratling headshot
Megan Spratling
Branch Manager
Corporate Headquarters in Marquette
Phone: (906) 662-6741
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Renee Turri headshot
Renee Turri
Branch Manager
Negaunee and Harvey Offices
Negaunee Office
Phone: (906) 228-8803
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Katie Koljonen headshot
Katie Bonen
Branch Manager
Calumet Office
Phone: (906) 228-8060
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Cheryl Heinemeyer
Branch Manager
Green Bay Office
Phone: (920) 480-6252

Olivia Hodges
Branch Manager
Houghton Office
Phone: (906) 662-6735

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