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Digital Banking Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the app?
Download the Range Bank app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

App Store icon button       Google Play App Store


How do I log out of the app?

Closing the app will automatically log you out of the app. 


Why is the online banking website not working properly on a browser from my mobile device?

Our desktop online banking site is not supported from mobile browsers.  If you are using a mobile device, please download the ‘Range Bank’ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to access your account information.  The desktop online banking site supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari from a laptop or desktop PC. 


Why am I receiving an error that I need to update my browser?

Range Online supports the most-recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.  You will receive that error message when attempting to login from Internet Explorer, or an outdated version of the browsers listed above. 


How much transaction history will I see?

We transitioned to our new digital banking platform on April 17, 2019; at that time 90 days of transaction history was transferred to the new platform.  Going forward you will have no limit to the transaction history; it will continue to build as long as you use the digital banking tools. 


Is there a way to show only my main account’s transactions in the ‘transaction card’ on my dashboard?

The transaction card shows the most recent transactions across all of your accounts.  If there are accounts transactions you do not want to see within that card, you can choose not to show that account’s balance and activity, but it will still be available for transfers and bill payments.  To hide an accounts balance and activity, follow the below steps:

  • Choose the account
  • Choose Settings
  • Toggle the ‘Show balance and activity’ off for that account


How do I enroll in bill payment?

To enroll in bill payment, you must visit our desktop site.  Watch the Bill Pay tutorial video below, which will walk you through enrolling in bill payment.  Once enrolled, you can create payees and setup payments from the app or desktop site. 


When adding a new payee for online bill pay, why am I prompted for my login information again?

This is an added security feature, that has you authenticate again, as transaction risk score increases. 


How do I contact the bank from your desktop site?

In the lower right corner, click on the question mark (?), which provides the option to call us, or start an online conversation.  You can also start a conversation with us by clicking the envelope at the top right of the page.  If you haven’t already added the ‘Support’ card to your dashboard, we recommend doing that to make this even simpler.  To add the ‘Support’ card to your dashboard, follow the below steps:

  • From your dashboard, click the ellipsis image (three dots) in the upper right corner of any of the cards
  • Choose Organize Dashboard
  • Choose Add a card
  • Choose the Support card
  • The Support card has now become part of your dashboard

What is the amount defaulted when I make a transfer to my loan?

The transfer amount defaults to your minimum amount due.  You can change this amount by clicking within the box, and can change the date, frequency, and type of payment (regular or principal only) by clicking ‘More Options.’


What is a profile and how do I switch between them?

A profile is an individual online banking account.  You may have more than one due to having a business and banking with us personally, or any other reason you may manage two separate online banking profiles.  To switch between profiles, click the flyout menu in the upper left corner, choose the person image in the upper right corner and add your other profile.  Once you’ve added a second profile, the person icon will say switch, allowing you to quickly switch between profiles.


What is a conversation and how does it work?

A conversation allows you to chat with a bank customer service representative during normal business hours.    


How do I manage other debit cards attached to my account?

Within our online and mobile platform you will only see and be able to manage the debit cards you are the owner of. 


Will my alerts from the previous online banking transfer over to the new online banking?

Current alerts you have setup in the online banking prior to April 17th will not transfer over. You will need to setup alerts under Settings as referenced below. 


How does the low balance alert work?

If you’d like a low balance alert for an account, follow the below steps:

  • Choose the account
  • Choose Settings
  • Toggle the ‘Low Balance alert’ on
  • Type in the amount in the ‘Alert if below’ box

The alert will come through as a message on the desktop site or within the app, as well as a push notification on your mobile device if enabled. 


Why are my alerts delayed?

Alerts for deposits come through when the item has posted to your account; this would be the business day following the business day of deposit. 


What is the difference between the purple and red pins on the locations map?

Purple pins are Range Bank offices, and red pins are ATMs.  The ATMs listed include all Range Bank ATMs, as well as AllPoint’s surcharge-free network of ATMs which we are a part of.   


How do I update the phone number associated with my online banking account for two-factor authentication?

From the app:

  • Click on the upper-left fly out menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose Security
  • Under Verification Options, click ‘Reset’ next to Two-factor authentication

From the desktop site:

  • Click on your name in the upper-righthand corner
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose Security under User Management on the left
  • Under Verification Options, click ‘Reset’ next to Two-factor authentication

This will walk you through the process of assigning a new phone number for two-factor authentication to your online banking account. 


How do I cancel a transfer I just initiated today?

Unfortunately, immediate transfers cannot be edited or canceled at this time.